We believe that product quality comes from quality, not from test.

Perfect Product Development Process

Perfect Product Development Process

Strict Product Inspection Process

Each product is rigorously tested, including pressure test, pull test, aging test, spectral test and EMC test etc, to ensure 100 % pass rate of finished goods.

High Quality Raw Materials

We only cooperate with big-name suppliers, like Samsung, Infineon, NCC Kingbox etc, to ensure product consistency and lifetime.

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Professional Personnel

Professional Personnel

All the workers should have vocational pre-work training for over 7 days, pass the assessment and get the appointment card before starting the posts.

Advanced Production Control and Management

Automated production equipment applied to ensure high product consistency. The use of digital production management system can make sure each product has a unique ID and the traceability of all the devices of the product, each production process, all the production equipment, every operator and all these production data.